At the Australasian College of Health & Wellness, we offer the only TEQSA accredited Higher Education course specialising in the discipline of Health Science focusing on educating professionals for the Health and Wellness industries.

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Here at the Australian College of Health and Wellness we offer one of the only government accredited higher education courses specialising in the discipline of health science focusing on educating professionals for the health and wellness industries.

Welcome to the
Australasian College of Health & Wellness

The Australasian College of Health & Wellness is a government accredited Higher Education provider specialising in the discipline of Health Science. We are focused on educating professionals in the health and wellness industries. Our Vision is expressed through our commitment to deliver accredited Higher Education programs to anyone seeking careers in personal services, allied health care, health and wellness and life sciences industries.

Bachelor of Applied Health Science
(Clinical Aesthetics)

The Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) program draws on knowledge and scholarship in the broad discipline of applied health science with a specialisation in the clinical application of aesthetics. The course provides subjects in Human Biosciences, Health Communication and Management, Applied Health Science and Clinical Aesthetics Practice. As students progress through the course they are provided with more advanced knowledge and inquiry in the following areas:

Our Campus

The campus contains eight specially equipped clinics that provide students with a supervised learning environment to apply their developing knowledge and skills. Clinical practice is undertaken for four hours in each week of a semester. Clinics are equipped with the latest technology for electro-physical applications such as micro-dermabrasion, light therapies such as laser, IPL and LED.

The College provides a range of services to support student learning. These include the Tertiary Preparation Course, Study Support workshops, English Language Proficiency workshops (and academic skilling support), access to academic teaching staff and clinical mentors for the duration of the course. As well as a fully equipped student study room is available for students doing group activities. It is complete with Apple TV with wireless connectivity suitable for presentations and group discussions.

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What our students say.

  • We don’t have large class sizes, making it easy to have discussions and explanations. Everyone is extremely helpful and happily make themselves available to me if I need help.
    Jenny Kimbley
    TACHW Student and owner of Kaleidastyle Clinic
  • I currently work alongside a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, doing initial consultations to give clients the opportunity to learn and gather more information about their options regarding surgical procedures before they see the surgeon. Through my knowledge and skills that I've gained through my degree with TACHW, I've further developed my advice & communication techniques, team work and pre and post-op care procedures, giving me a great advantage within the industry.
    Roxanne Trollip
    TACHW student and Regional Consultant for WA Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • When I was comparing the different courses on offer, the Clinical Aesthetics degree offered by TACHW caught my interest the most, as it had a good balance of science, clinical treatment modalities and the practical aspects of starting/running a clinical aesthetic business.
    Aisha Murray
    TACHW Student and owner of Embarque Body & Beauty

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